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Whose City Is it?

Written by Doug Jutte on May 25, 2016

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Our latest story for Crosswalk Magazine examines the promise and peril of gentrification.

We all want “nicer” neighborhoods, but can communities engineer change so everyone benefits? In our latest story for Crosswalk Magazine, Barbara Ray talks to housing and community development experts about whether it’s possible to create that “just right” mix of investment that will improve neighborhoods without too much change.

Crosswalk is the Network’s new publication on medium. We’re thrilled to be able to provide this gathering place for stories that illustrate the deep connection between health and place, and hope you’ll join us as we continue to dive deep into issues that matter most in low-income communities. If you like what you read in Barbara’s piece, we hope you’ll join us at Crosswalk regularly. Our recent stories in the magazine, just to name a few, include an examination of the Early Development Instrument, a new data tool that’s helping communities come together, across sectors, to improve neighborhoods for vulnerable children; social impact investing; and how Native CDFIs are bringing affordable financing to Indian Country and improving community health in the process. Stay tuned for much more. If you have ideas for issues we should be exploring, get in touch.

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Doug Jutte

Doug Jutte is the executive director of the Build Healthy Places Network.