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About Us We were founded in recognition that a national network connecting sectors and promoting cross-sector collaboration is critical for ensuring that all people have the opportunity to live healthy and rewarding lives.

The physical, social, and economic conditions in the neighborhoods where we live, work, learn, and play have a significant impact on our health and financial wellbeing.

Nearly one-fifth of Americans live in low-income communities with fewer opportunities to achieve healthy and rewarding lives. Today we know that factors related to health, employment, education, housing, and neighborhoods are linked. Place matters and in many cases your zip code is more important than your genetic code in determining your health. Our neighborhoods shape the opportunities we have, and those opportunities shape the choices open to us around our health and wealth. Many of these neighborhoods have been shaped by the impact of systemic racism and historically exclusionary policies. Since many of the root causes of poverty and poor health are the same, coordinated action is needed to increase investments that will support building communities where all people can live healthy and prosperous lives.

What We Do is shift the way organizations work across the health, community development, and finance sectors to collectively advance equity, reduce poverty, and improve health in neighborhoods across the United States.

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BHPN’s National Advisory Council includes leaders and practitioners who are helping to realize our mission and vision. Through collaboration with these individuals, and organizations and institutions who share our vision, BHPN is able to make life-altering change for communities affected by poverty and poor health.

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