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The 100 Million Healthier Lives Adult Well-Being Assessment

Written by Build Healthy Places Staff on June 22, 2017

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The 100 Million Healthier Lives Adult Well-Being Assessment is a seven-item questionnaire to measure well-being in four domains: physical health, mental health, social well-being, and spiritual-well being.

The vision of 100 Million Healthier Lives (100MLives) is to fundamentally transform the way the world thinks and acts to improve health, well-being, and equity to get to breakthrough results.  By choosing an audacious goal of 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020, that no one organization can achieve alone, members and communities in this movement are committing to unprecedented collaboration, a humble spirit of learning, innovation and improvement, and systemic change to create an equitable health and well-being system.

To reach this goal, our Measurement Framework includes three key principles of the 100MLives initiative: health and well-being, equity, and sustainability. Drivers of sustainable, equitable well-being occur at three levels: people (subpopulations), places (community), and systems (societal). As part of the Measurement Framework, the Well-Being Assessment was developed as a brief questionnaire, using items from validated instruments for communities to measure individual well-being among adults (18 and older).

In addition, the 100MLives Metrics Development Team has developed a catalog of over 2,000 measures that relate to what a community might be working on to improve health, well-being and equity as part of its Measure What Matters Platform. In this platform, users can create a plan, set aims, identify measures, monitor performance and impact, and share progress towards the shared goal of 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020.

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