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Disrupting Poverty: A Market that Values Health

Written by David Erickson, PhD on January 12, 2017

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David Erickson, Director of Community Development, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, at the 2016 Health + Housing Summit.

Poverty is complex, and breaking its grip requires multiple coordinated and sustained interventions. One program or policy won’t work in isolation. How do we create the right incentives and interventions to break the cycle of poverty?

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GvywKOUmDavid Erickson, Director of Community Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, tackled this question at the 2016 Health + Housing Summit and offered one possible solution in creating incentives that use market mechanisms in a way that echoes the work of community development finance. 

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David Erickson, PhD

David J. Erickson, is director of Community Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and serves as Community Development Officer for the Federal Reserve’s Twelfth District. In this role, he leads the Community Development team toward its mission to advance economic opportunity for lower-income Americans.