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Podcast Episode Featuring Build Healthy Places Network’s Douglas Jutte: Socially Determined

Written by National Association of Chronic Disease Directors on May 19, 2020

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Build Healthy Places Network’s Executive Director, Dr. Douglas Jutte, was interviewed by Dr. Gabriel Kaplan, Board President of NACDD (National Association of Chronic Disease Directors). The two discussed the fundamentals of the community development field, the intersection of community development and health, and how the sectors can forge partnerships to increase investment in low-income neighborhoods to tackle health disparities. Tune in to learn more about how the community development, finance, and health sectors can collectively contribute to innovative cross-sector partnerships that address social determinants of health leading to better health outcomes in neighborhoods across the country (20-minute listen). 

Listen to the Podcast Episode Here


This podcast episode is part of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors’ podcast series, “Socially Determined: Moving Public Health to 3.0”. The series shares practical examples of how state, federal, nonprofit, and private chronic disease prevention fields can engage with a variety of non-traditional partners and industries to address the social factors influencing health disparities and communities’ chronic disease burden.