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Healthier Communities: Connecting measures of upstream factors to address structural equity

There are three separate, but related challenges to our ability to translate measures portfolios like Culture of Health into sustainable action to advance health equity that must be addressed.

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“Health Is Wealth”: A Conversation with the U.S. Surgeon General

In this podcast with Dr. Raphael Bostic, the President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and Dr. Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General of the United States, discuss the connection between health and wealth.

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Unstable, Unsafe Housing Damages Children’s Brains

Research is documenting the harmful effects on children when families must keep moving to find a safe, affordable home.

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Zumba class at Potrero Housing in San Francisco for Bridge Housing

Rebuilding Neighborhoods So That Residents Can Thrive: More Community Close-Ups

Our Community Close Ups, a series of nine case studies, digs into how some of these forward-thinking projects have been accomplished.

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Residents of Potrero Housing in San Francisco walk the property with manager, Uzuri Greene, San Francisco, CA. Bridge Housing, San Francisco, Bay area

Rebuild Potrero, San Francisco, California

Trauma-Informed Community Building Sets Stage for Neighborhood Revitalization

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Four Drew Charter School students in the Villages of East, standing outside the school.

The Villages of East Lake, Atlanta, Georgia

Tipping Point: Deep, Neighborhood-Scale Transformation Creates Lasting Change

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San Pablo Avenue Corridor, Oakland, California

Community Development 2.0—Collective Impact Focuses a Neighborhood Strategy for Health

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Columbia Parc at the Bayou District, New Orleans, Louisiana

Holistic redevelopment to bring lasting change to a distressed neighborhood

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Resident-centered approach grows healthy babies and local economy

Can a community market improve infant health? Can developing a local entrepreneurship culture reduce the number of babies born prematurely?

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Building Healthy Communities Through Local Economy Strategies

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) is linking the work of building strong local economies and vibrant communities with the work of improving human health and well-being.

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In Rhode Island, a Model for Upending Health Inequity

In 2016, the Rhode Island Department of Health established ten “health equity zones” across the state. The Local Initiatives Support Corp., a national CDFI, shares stories of success from their experience managing two of these zones.

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A New Responsibility for Children’s Hospitals: The Health of Neighborhoods

Children’s hospitals in Ohio are making key investments to address a major cause of poor health — substandard housing.

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Pathways to Healthy Housing in Austin, Texas

Austin is uniting multiple sectors like housing, healthcare, transportation and other services to tackle the social determinants of health.

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From Homelessness to Housing in San Francisco: Portraits and Oral History

A moving new multi-media art project, “Everyone Deserves a Home”, on display in San Francisco’s Public Library asks 40 formally homeless residents in supportive housing, “what does home mean to you?”

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Playing Matchmaker for UnitedHealthcare and an Arizona Neighborhood

Pedro Cons of Chicanos Por La Causa “shot for the moon” and launched a stellar partnership with UnitedHealthcare that’s improving homes, health, and opportunity in Phoenix’s Maryvale neighborhood.

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