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Healthier Communities: Connecting measures of upstream factors to address structural equity

There are three separate, but related challenges to our ability to translate measures portfolios like Culture of Health into sustainable action to advance health equity that must be addressed.

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Data That Speaks Across Sectors

The Build Healthy Places Network synthesized 18 tools to see what measurement indicators are shared across sectors.

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Financing Regional Health Transformation

Measurement Tools

The Rippel Foundation’s ReThink Health developed a Primer for Changemakers to help regional leaders think through key questions around investment of long-term health reform.

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Thriving Cities

Evidence Base

An initiative of University of Virginia and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, Thriving Cities equips city stakeholders to measure what it takes to thrive in their community.

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Connecting RWJF’s Culture of Health Measures and the Network’s Principles for Building Healthy and Prosperous Communities

The Culture of Health Measures elevate important aspects of the Network Principles and share a charge to inspire actions from different sectors that will lead to improvements across communities.

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The Cross-Sector Data We Need is Finally Here

Data-driven decision-making is nothing new to those in health care. Life and death decisions are made every day based on patient data. However, as health care moves beyond the hospital walls and into the community, understanding the dynamic environment in which their patients reside is critical to reducing costs and improved patient outcomes.

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Tools of the Trade: Measuring the Health-Related Returns of Community Development

Within the last five years, partnerships between community development and health organizations have grown from one-off local experiments to a full-blown national movement.

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The Need for Tools to Forecast Impact in Community Development

Overcoming the challenges to linking the health return on investment to community development.

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Measuring Complexity: Evaluation of Community Change Initiatives

How do you know if you are building a healthier place?

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Residents of Potrero Housing in San Francisco walk the property with manager, Uzuri Greene, San Francisco, CA. Bridge Housing, San Francisco, Bay area

Rebuild Potrero, San Francisco, California

Trauma-Informed Community Building Sets Stage for Neighborhood Revitalization

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Four Drew Charter School students in the Villages of East, standing outside the school.

The Villages of East Lake, Atlanta, Georgia

Tipping Point: Deep, Neighborhood-Scale Transformation Creates Lasting Change

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Produce displays and check-out stands at the new Whole Foods Market.

The ReFresh Project, New Orleans, Louisiana

Revitalizing People and Place with a Healthy Food Hub

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Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center, Houston, Texas

Creating Access to Opportunity by Building a “Village Center” in a Houston Neighborhood

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San Pablo Avenue Corridor, Oakland, California

Community Development 2.0—Collective Impact Focuses a Neighborhood Strategy for Health

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Columbia Parc at the Bayou District, New Orleans, Louisiana

Holistic redevelopment to bring lasting change to a distressed neighborhood

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